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What is the Supernatural
Global Movement

The Supernatural Global Movement is the vehicle that is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and planting new churches all over the world under the leadership of Apostle Bible Davids. The Church Spread Mandate of the Supernatural Nation hinges on the principle of Local Imprint and Global Impact. We depend on the Holy Spirit to mobilize God’s Army from different Nations who are constantly expressing the desire to run with the Vision of the Supernatural Movement. As God open these doors, we train, equip , empower and deploy these end-time harvesters through the Supernatural Global Movement.

The Supernatural Global Movement allows you to

The Supernatural Movement

Our vision is to plant churches on every continent, in every Nation, in every city and in every town of the world.

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Global Impact

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Local Imprints

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Join the Loop

The Supernatural Loop is the journey from Activate to Supernatural School of Ministry- The Supernatural Global Movement is a special door that is open to ministry Nationals from regions of the world where Supernatural Nation does not already have an imprint. We have created a special Crash Program for these leaders to effectively go through the Integration and Training Loop as fast as possible. The New Supernatural Global Mover is assigned a special Mentor that helps them to navigate the training process seamlessly.

Lead A Supernatural Cell

The Supernatural Cell - Virtual Small Groups of the Supernatural Nation. The new leader is equipped with all the tools necessary to start and lead a Supernatural Cell in weekly Bible Study and Prayer Meetings. The Supernatural Cell usually consists of 12 people with allowance for growth. As this new leader continues to disciple more people and scale to planting a total of 4 cells to scale the Jubilee number of 50, then we will go to the next level - which is to inaugurate a Supernatural Nation Campus in that region.

Organize Inaugural Conference and Plant the Seed of a Local Church

It is usually a beautiful experience whenever we birth a new campus in a fresh region through The Supernatural Global Movement. where Supernatural Nation has not had an initial footprint The Trailblazer leaders who have been used by the Holy Spirit to pioneer this new work are positioned through the integration into the Supernatural Nation to continue to impact the region for a long time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the demonstration of the power of the Kingdom of God.

Join The Movement Today

Are you in a city where the Supernatural Movement needs to touch with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the demonstration of the Kingdom Power and you want God to use you to facilitate the birth of revival in your region, click on the link below and start your journey to change the world today.

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