From the cradle of little beginnings to a global movement of the Spirit that is impacting millions of lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Supernatural Life Center has continued to grow from glory to glory.

Together we carry
the vision of God

Apostle Bible Davids is the pioneer and Apostolic Overseer of Supernatural Life Center. A revolutionary thinker, author, anointed Bible expositor, televangelist and healing minister, Apostle Bible Davids carries a strong anointing for territorial takeover and God has given him the vision to reach the entire world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Standing beside him is his amiable and supportive wife, Prophetess Rebecca Bible Davids. a powerful woman of prophetic prayer and intercession, a best-selling author, anointed Bible expositor, and a Christian Counsellor, she has known the Lord and learnt the dynamics of serving the Lord right from her childhood days. She carries the passion to raise an army of prophetic intercessors all over the world, to empower women to manifest their God-ordained destiny and to provide succour to the less privileged.

Supernatural Life Center is a global community of Bible Believing and Spirit filled believer from every nation, age, gender and race. Supernatural Life Center is a Kingdom Powerhouse and breeding ground for giants, who will manifest the power of the Kingdom of God and walk in divine dominion that will eclipse everything we’ve known in bygone millennium. Supernatural Life Center is a Spirit-driven and people-centred church. We are called to build people, to empower people. Regardless of race, social status, ethnicity, we value each soul that walks through our door, because you are the church, not the building. Supernatural Life Center is not a monument but a global movement of God’s Spirit with the demonstration of miracles, signs, and wonders.

About our Leaders

Apostle Bible Davids

A proactive thinker, Author, Anointed Bible expositor and Healing Minister. Jesus Christ appeared to the Apostle Bible Davids at the age of 10 and anointed him as an Apostle to the nations of the earth. In over 30 years of impactful ministry, he has committed his life to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and raising an army of supernatural believers who are empowered by the Holy Spirit to manifest miracles, signs and wonders and execute dominion in all the seven mountains of influence. He is the founder and Apostolic Overseer of Supernatural Life Center global and President of Bible Davids Ministires.

Prophetess Rebecca

Rebecca Bible - Davids met the Lord at a young age and has continued to follow that path. She is a best-selling author, a prophetic voice to nations and an intercessor. As a fiery preacher and Bible expositor, she has continued to maintain, prioritize and develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. She has an infectious praying spirit. She authored the Legends of Faith Series, a biographical account of revivals and revivalists around the world. She is the co-founder and Executive Pastor of Supernatural Life Center Dallas. She is also the Executive Vice President of Bible Davids Ministries.

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